Our ambition is to reshape the future of healthcare through artificial intelligence.

Our Vision

Chronolife builds predictive medical solutions to aid in diagnosis through a wireless, wearable technology.

We aim to bring a paradigm shift in healthcare industry where we improve quality of life, provide better care & reduce costs


Global Challenges in Healthcare

200M people in NA and EU suffering from hypertension and cardiac arrythmia

CHF (Chronic Heart Failure): 21M patients in the US and EU

300M people in NA & EU have at least 1 chronic disease

Absorb 80% of the healthcare expenditures


Reduction of healthcare budgets and hospital beds

Case of France: -15% beds available; +10% population increase

Limited drug, therapy and treatment adherence (300BUS$ due to non adherence)

Pharma under pressure to justify therapeutic efficiency

RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) to reduce hospital (re)admissions & healthcare expenses

Higher Demand for Predictive Medicine delivering improved adherence and patient QoL

Next generation of intelligent wearables

Flexible & comfortable solutions

Smart. Connected. Predictive

Cutting edge, non-invasive & discreet diagnostic help

Science behind it

A highly acclaimed team of scientists has developed a neuromorphic algorithm capable of data fusion & pattern recognition.

Real time embedded analysis helps provide a diagnosis while predicting future health deterioration.