Predictive Solution


Core technology of Chronolife is based on embedding the proprietary neuromorphic algorithm called HOTS*. Our powerful algorithm employs event-based approach to monitor the vital parameters of the patient. Our unique technique allows to monitor multiple variables with intrinsically different characteristics in real time and allows to correlate them with respect to each other (i.e data fusion)

* Publication - HOTS: A Hierarchy of Event-Based Time-Surfaces for Pattern Recognition

Changing the world through our innovative approach

Chronolife’s neuromorphic algorithm only monitors those changes in physiological parameters that have a medical importance, i.e everytime the monitored physiological parameters go above or below a certain predefined “normal” threshold. Our unique approach of data monitoring & characterization allows to detect even sparse clinical events. The analysis can now be done on very small calculating units such as smart phones.

Our technique allows to transform complex multimodal data signals into a geometrical pattern that is unique to each person similar to each of us having a unique finger print. This geometrical shape represents the overall state of health of the patient and evolves according to activity or well being of the person using the device.