Predictive Solution

A smart wearable medical device with companion app for patients suffering from chronic heart failure

As we were mindful of the chronic nature heart failure disease and the stress it can add to the life of the patient, right from the very first day Chronolife strived to design a device that would easily fit into daily routine of a heart failure patient.

Our end goal is to provide a solution that monitors discreetly yet efficiently without it being a reminder to the patient that he is sick!

Key features




Pulmonary impedance

Edema characterization

Thoracic respiration

Respiratory distress

Abdominal respiration

Respiratory distress


Skin temperature

Physical activity

Fall detection

The fabric and integrated sensors have been chosen after long and rigorous testing to ensure quality, comfort and above all ease of regular use. Each aspect of device was designed & chosen through rigorous testing and revisions.

The finalized monitoring device gives not only medical grade readings but fits seamlessly in day-to-day lifestyle.
It has potential to provide improved compliance and adherence by the patients.

Other projects under developement

Sleep Apnea

Sudden infant death


Interesting features that make it suitable for daily use

Washable like a regular shirt
All electronic components remain embedded in the fabric, no need to remove anything
Easy Recharge
No internet connection required for data analysis

How does it work

For the patient, data analysis can be done anywhere anytime* as no internet connection to servers is required. The HOTS embedded app is strong enough to analyze & characterize the data in real time and alert the patient in case of an oncoming event.

Clinicians and doctors are able to access data anytime anywhere** through the cloud service that archives patient data. The patient data is uploaded whenever a wifi connection is available and the smartphone is powered. The data is archived on accredited data hosting servers and serves 2 purposes

  • Keeping record of patient’s data to be consulted later by patient himself or his HCP to help provide a better diagnosis
  • Machine learning & software updates

*Provided smartphone charged & HOTS embedded app activated
**Provided working internet connection

Flipping the model

Conventional remote monitoring methods consist of transmitting large quantities of data to remote servers for analysis. Often only a small portion of this data contains information that has medical relevance. Chronolife is flipping this model by first bringing the same service closest to the patient through their smartphone & second by using an innovative event-based approach of collecting (processing) only relevant data.